Buzz King: Faith in a post-faith world

Being spiritual and upbeat in a world that is hostile toward believers.

The citizen chaplain

August 29th, 2021

Once, at the hospital where I work, I had a woman who was an atheist become irate when I introduced myself as a chaplain.  I use this story to talk about being a "citizen chaplain", someone who is prepared to help anyone they come across who needs help - even if that person has beliefs very contrary to their own.


That moment of panic

August 22nd, 2021

When I was a young guy I bought my first car with a steering column lock on it.  That lock suddenly engaged while I was going around a curve on a freeway at 75 miles per hour - sending me flying off the freeway.  I use this story as a vehicle to talk about how we should all handle those moments of panic, and how it's important that we are prepared in advance for dealing with them.


What’s your theology?

August 15th, 2021

I had a friend who was terminally ill with cancer and who had to make a decision about whether to continue with agonizing chemo treatments.  I use this story as a vehicle for talking about the need for each of us to develop a personal theology that guides us through every decision we must make in life.


Almost pseudepigraphic

August 8th, 2021

I look at the issue of New Testament authorship.  There are those who say that because Paul might not have written 6 of the 13 letters attributed to him, or that other books were not written by the people to whom we have traditionally attributed them, the Bible is in some sense partly "fake".  But what should be the true standard for including a book in the Bible?


The wrong bus

August 1st, 2021

When I was in second grade, I got on the wrong city bus on the way home from school - and found myself very far from home.  I use this story to motivate two important teachings of Scripture: 1. be kind to others and 2. don't look for acknowledgement or reward.


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