Buzz King: Faith in a post-faith world

Being spiritual and upbeat in a world that is hostile toward believers.

The Sanctuary of God

May 14th, 2021

The Israelites traveled through the desert for 40 years, with God providing constant guidance and constant sanctuary.  My father was a Marine in the Pacific in World War II.  He emerged from that war, where he killed many Japanese soldiers, refusing to be corrupted morally or ethnically by the experience.  He then welcomed with joy the news that his daughter would serve as an exchange student in Japan a couple of decades later.  We treat all people as our friends - and make sure that all enemies become friends of ours.  That is what living in God's sanctuary does for us.


Suppose it was real

May 8th, 2021

Perhaps the most ignored, critical consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is the explosion of anxiety disorders and drug/alcohol related problems.  We look at developing a spiritual relationship with God as a way of handing off our anxiety, fear, and anger - and being prepared for whatever might happen in the future.



May 2nd, 2021

A true, non-hypocritical Christian is one who is willing to care for others, even to the point of taking a risk.  Gail, an EMT, was horrifically injured while racing to the scene of an injury accident.


Rocking in the Kingdom of God

May 1st, 2021

Christians live among humans, but we live in the Kingdom of God.  That Kingdom is meant to be full of joy.  We don't live simply for some far off promise of an eternal life.  God wants us to have fun. 


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