Buzz King: Faith in a post-faith world

Being spiritual and upbeat in a world that is hostile toward believers.

Touching Jesus

July 25th, 2021

As a chaplain, I often encounter homeless people who have been cast aside by society and come to the hospital for medical help - but only when they are extremely sick.  I talk about a homeless man who was very grateful that I was willing to touch him.  I use this to motivate the lesson learned in the story of the woman who was healed simply by touching the fringe of Jesus' garment.  I discuss an easy way to learn to connect with God many times a day, very briefly - by touching the fringe of God's garment.


Hating French people

July 18th, 2021

Often difficult events in life can turn into uplifting, even funny moments.  I look at the Book of James and the author's command to use "troubles" as a reason to find "great joy."  I use a situation where a graduate student from France accused me of hating French people as a stepping stone toward examining this passage from James.


Spiritual ears

July 13th, 2021

I had a very short Boy Scout career - because I used dynamite to blow up a hillside at a Scout jamboree. I use this story to talk about how a Christian should use their spiritual ears to listen to God.  We don't have the benefit that the Old Testament Prophets had: we do not hear an audible voice from God.  But if we take our time and use a disciplined approach to praying, we can hear God's voice through our spiritual ears.


A doll stuffed with sawdust

July 8th, 2021

When my father's mother, who was a Portuguese speaker, was near the end of her life, she gave me her prized possession, her childhood ceramic-and-leather, hand-painted doll.  I use it as a vehicle to talk about giving.  


Welcome to Spain

July 3rd, 2021

The New Testament does not tell us how Paul died.  It also does not answer one of the biggest mysteries of the Bible: Did Paul, as he had hoped, ever make it to Spain, to the edge of their known civilized world?  I discuss the evidence surrounding this question, and I relate this question to the corrupt world in which we live.  In particular, I talk about my life in the world of arrogant, pompous academics.


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